3 Ways To Extend Your iPhone 6 Battery Life - Power Tips, Proper Charging, Portable Charger Options

How to maximize your iPhone 6 battery life.

iPhone 6 Battery Life
Because iPhone is so much more than just a phone, its “Talk Time” and “Stand By Time” no longer have any meaning. In many cases we only are interested in how much time we can get before we need to look for an outlet to recharge our battery. There is also another reason why we want to extend our iPhone 6 battery life, in many ways, a flawless design of the iPhone 6, unfortunately has one major flaw, it does not provide a way to replace a battery without a visit to an Apple store. According to recent iPhone 6 battery life review published by Phone Arena our new iPhone 6 provides about 5 hours and 22 minutes (6h 32min for iPhone 6+) of a continuous use by an average iPhone user. If you are interested in maintaining this level of performance as long as possible, or even extend the time before recharging your phone, please read the following topics that we created for you, the tips will help you to preserve your battery and keep its performance at its peak through the lifetime of your phone.

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Bluetooth Top Gadgets

Top 10 Bestsellers Editors Choices in Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Headsets, Bluetooth Peripherals, Bluetooth Wearables and more.

With the advances in Bluetooth technology in recent years that enabled practical wireless solutions for many of our favorite gadgets, manufacturers are creating a plethora of new solutions to make our lives easier. We are finally able to brake tha shackles of wires in our offices and our homes. The options for wireless Bluetooth gadgets and equipment for our computers, smartphones and entertainment equipment are expanding nearly daily. There are even new devices that had been made possible solely by this relatively new amazing technology, we even created an new category of wearables for new bluetooth connected devices that created new oportunities for us. If you would like to read about Bluetooth technoloby basics and capabilities pleas go to What is Bluetooth - technology in plain English Our editors went on a hunt to bring to our readers the best of the best Bluetooth items featured on Amazon. They used a combination of Amazon ranking, user reviews and their own expertise to find items that would appeal to our reader community and help them make an informed purchase decision. Once we had our finalists we divided them into a few categories to make the navigaion easier and to help you to find the items that your are looking for. If we there is any category that you would like add to our list or you have an opinion about any featured or missing item please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Each item listing features a TAG secion the could help you to navigate the item(s) that you are interested in, you can use your browser "Find" feature to highlight the tags that you are interested in.

Top 10 Bluetooth In-car Kit, Bluetooth Handsfree Speakerphone.

As more and more of our teenage drivers is driving with texting/SMS capable phones we see an increasing number of fatal accidents caused by distracted teenage drivers. We felt that before we continue with our reviews we owed our readers an ability to select a potentially life saving Bluetooth speakerphone. We complied a short list of texting capable Bluetooth hands free speakerphones regardless of their bestselling status. You can view and buy them here. For more info regarding safety statistics you can navigate to the official FCC site: The Dangers of Texting While Driving.

How we chose our top 10 Bluetooth Speakerphone finalists

When we look for our Amazon bestsellers we often try to look for product categories that are not only popular among consumers and become best sellers but also can bring value and enrich lives of our readers. In our opinion Amazon bestselling Bluetooth handsfree kits are fully qualified by those criteria. While almost all of drivers on the road today have a smartphone and they expect to be "reachable" at all times, driving and using your phone, especially texting, is not only very unsafe but also very illegal in most places today. Hands free Bluetooth headsets or in-car Bluetooth speakerphones (aka Bluetooth car kits) are a great solution that can enable us to communicate while driving and make us all safer at the same time. They provide an excellent way to carry our phone conversations in a safe manner while driving but also can be used in all other situations that our hands are otherwise occupied. Distracted drivers are dangerous not only to themselves but also to other people on a road and before we become the "Distracted Driver" we should armed ourselves with a Bluetooth handsfree assistant that will help us stay focused and keep everybody safe. Bluetooth technology is now better than ever with improved performance, battery life and ergonomics. In just a few years our Bluetooth little helpers matured and now they perform their main functions with ease and predictability that was not possible even a few years back. The units that we tested for our Bluetooth handsfree speakerphone review also featured some impressive features as far as noise and echo reduction that bring the conversation quality to a whole new level. We hope that our review will help you to find a hands free Bluetooth device that at least meets your expectations and requirements. We also hope that our comprehensive feature and option list will help you to better understand the importance of various aspects of the Bluetooth technology used by your next handsfree Bluetooth car kit and make a better buying decision since in most cases you can't really take the unit for a "test drive". Before we continue with our Top 10 Bluetooth Handsfree Speakerphone review we would like to mention that because of our testing process we decided to modify our review format and instead listing devices with a specific feature we reverted to individual review for each tested Bluetooth Device.

Top 10 Amazon Best Power Banks, Portable Cellphone Charger Best Seller List

As the 2015 holiday season approaches, we decided to update our amazon best portable charger selection lists. After all the power bank market is very dynamic with new or updated models showing up almost daily. Our lists also grew bigger and now contain 15 best sellers for both compact and high capacity portable charger lists.

In addition to the best selling amazon portable charger list update with new best sellers, we also decided to create a list that our editors found worth sharing with our readers. They all are some great finds that in our opinion are some of the best portable chargers listed on amazon's website.

Lastly, because of growing interest we included two more listing from new technology categories. They are: solar power chargers and accessories and Qualcom Quick Charging power banks and accessories

What is it and why do I need a portable charger / power bank

Our phones become evermore powerful and essential in our lives. They are now not only our communication devices but they become our mini offices and personal assistants that we take with us everywhere. Their screens grew bigger and number of applications available for them is growing every day. As a result we relay on them to be charged and ready for use at all times. Manufacturer's "stand-by time" per battery charge lost its meaning because we hardly ever have our phones in the stand-by mode. It is not uncommon to charge our phone a few times a day and as long as we have a power outlet handy we learned to accept this as a part of our daily routine. But many times we find ourselves in a situation when we don't have access to a power outlet or we can't afford to be "tied-down" with our cell phone charger cable. But there is a solution that can solve those problems and it is called a battery portable charger or a power bank. Power bank is a device designed and build with one goal: keep our phones charged and ready even if we don't have access to a power outlet. Portable chargers not only provide an emergency energy source for our phones, tablets or any other device that can be plugged into a USB power source but can also relatively quickly charge our phone's battery. In simple terms a power bank is a portable charger that doesn't need an outlet to charge our phone. In most cases a power bank is small enough to fit in our pocket or a purse and we can take them with us anywhere we go.

Top 10 BPA Free Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Why should we use reusable bottles instead of prepackaged kind

Disposable Plastic Bottles Recycling

There is hardly any doubt about the importance of a proper hydration to our health. We try to replenish water in our bodies any way we can, and if we don't have any access to a fresh water source we bring our own. Unfortunately on many occasions the thirst quenching miracle comes in a not so nature friendly plastic water container. This might be the reason why consumers are starting to look for "green" personal hydration alternatives.

In my personal experience I noticed that while about seven years ago, when I started to play Sunday morning soccer pickup games, nearly everybody that came to our games had a few store-bought bottles of water. Fast forward to 2014 and the same group of people hardly ever brings anything else but a reusable bottles filled with filtered tap water.

There are probably many reasons that, over the years, have changed our attitude towards bottled water. Some of us probably took notice of the fact that to produce those disposable plastic bottles we need to process 32 - 54 million of barrels of crude oil every year and after a single use many of those bottles will end up in a landfill ( Watch this 2010 Youtube video: Environmental Impact of Plastic Water Bottles ). Others might have realized that they pay for something that is readily available almost for free and it is no further than their fridge. Yet, others maybe try to avoid a potential danger of chemicals from the container, polluting our drinking water. The debate on plastic related chemicals continues and when we are reading results of various studies, we can see that they are finding chemicals like BPA, BPS and others, leaching into the water content when a bottle is exposed to ultraviolet, heat or both, even from the BPA free plastics, we might be compelled to stay away from plastics as much as possible as everyday use food containers. If we add on the fact that nearly half of the bottled water is no different than the water we get from our tap and a water filter, choosing a reusable bottle over the store-bought, starts to make a lot of sense. No matter what are the reasons, they created a lasting impact on our habits. As a society we started to look for our own "best reusable water bottle". Eliminating all plastics that get in contact with our food might not be possible or realistic but replacing our water bottle with one that is safe, "green" and cost effective seems easy enough and there are some great choices among bottles for both single walled and insulated versions.

In general the following plastic groups are considered bpa free, they are:high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene and polypropylene,
recycling codes #2, #4, #5 respectively. All other plastics may not be bpa free.

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