What Makes Any Product A Best Seller.

When we decided to create lists for our readers that would aid them in making an informed purchase decision, we asked our selves: What would be the most compelling way to evaluate any product. And the consensus among our editors was that "best seller" criteria would be the best match for consumer satisfaction level, because creating a best seller is an ultimate consumer vote for or against any product. Even if sometimes there could be a popular purchase item created by a clever or aggressive marketing it probably will not withstand the marketplace time test. With empowered consumer, armed with tools like review and free return policies any product that does not deliver on a promise to satisfy the consumer's expectations will most likely not become a best seller over any extended period of time. 

Why We Created Amazon Bestseller Lists.

Our main goal while writing this blog was to create a place where our readers can come for advice on finding the best products featured on Amazon.com - amazon bestsellers category. We want to provide them with both: other customers' confidence votes in a form of best seller badge and product reviews and our research and opinion on the listed Amazon bestsellers. When we look at various product categories on Amazon we can sometime spot a little label that reads 'BESTSELLER in...'. This is an ultimate consumer vote that a product can achive. In most cases Amazon bestseller is accompanied by glowing reviews (4,5 - 5 stars). We tried to look for those very best in their respective product category and create an ultimate shopping list for our readers. In many cases we also provide additional information that can be useful in making an informed buying decision. As you can imagine this is a work in progress because the amazon listings are changing and growing every day. Our promise to you as a reader is that we will do everything that we can to keep our amazon bestseller lists as current and accurate as possible. As the time progresses we will be also adding new best seller categories and lists. We added a category navigation menu to make it easier for our readers to find what they are looking for. We also 

Our Philosophy In Picking Best Sellers And Creating Lists

When we create new list we always try to find the Amazon bestseller in a given category. But we don’t stop there. We also look at the customer reviews and do an independent research and testing to find overall product quality and value. In general we do not give a rank to a product on our list. As of this writing we found that all listed products are so close in their quality and value that it could be hard if not impossible to rank them (in some cases so much so that we decided to expand our list beyond 10 amazon bestsellers per list), especially since some of them fill a very specific niche of the consumer needs. Therefore the final purchasing decision is left to our readers. We just hope that by providing you with the list of amazon bestsellers and in our opinion close seconds and thirds we make that decision making process a little easier.

List Navigation

If you are looking for a specific product category or just trying to browse our lists you can use either the Menu on the top of each page or go to our List Index page. 

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